Poppa Squash is a humorous theatrical audio project independently released as a podcast created by Britt Moseley and Sean Petell. We imitate and poke fun at the conventions of contemporary media and culture. The show is created in improvisational comedic and musical sessions which are then carefully edited into a work of audio theater. The namesake comes from an imitation of contemporary jam band names like Papadosio, Zobomaze, Phish, Twiddle, and on and on. Since Poppa Squash’s inception, we have constantly evolved and changed our format, musical stylings, and general ideas to fit our own artistic impulses and to react to media we ingest in our lives.



The show began on the streets of New York City in a chance meeting between Britt and Sean in Greenwich Village. The show was created at first as an excuse to play synthesizer music. It seriously began to take form in a weekly hour long slot on WPIR Pratt Radio, where Britt and Sean would bring their synthesizers and computers to play music on the air in improvisational sessions. What you hear on those recordings are the “transmissions” from another planet made by a mysterious DJ Poppa Squash. Those early episodes are The Radio Transmissions.

After about a year of this show we became restless in our ideas and decided to give our show some theatricality, some jokiness, and some fantasy. We began “recording” our show at Madison Square Garden watching Monster Trucks, we became “sponsored” by made up companies, and we explored far off lands. This set of episodes are New York.

At some point, we decided to leave Earth in search of a distant planet creating those early transmissions. Our heros Britt and Sean take an exciting journey into the cosmos, onto the planet, and meet all kinds of strange folks along the way. This is The Voyage.

So after a little while, we decided to kill off our persona’s on the show and focus on the ongoings on the planet. We found a lot of excitement and interest creating characters who inhabit this imaginary place and their tales of woe. These episodes are Tales From The Planet.

That brings us to our current moment with Poppa Squash Presents. These episodes are concise stories from various situations on the planet. We record and edit these shows, unlike the previous episodes which were created in long form live performative contexts. 

Who We Are

Britt Moseley

Britt Moseley is a New York City based multidisciplinary artist from Denver, CO. who works in performance, video, ceramics, painting, audio, a He has shown and workshopped the performance Buena Vista (also with Sean Petell) at the St. Ann’s Warehouse (NY), Dixon Place (NY), and the IEA at Alfred University (NY). Other works have been shown at the Hammer Museum (CA), LaMama ETC.(NY), Rochester Contemporary Arts Center (NY), Three Four Three Four (solo exhibition) (NY), Phipps Conservatory (PA), Special Special (NY), Silas Marder Gallery (NY), the Long Island Nature Conservancy (NY), Pratt Institute (NY), Jane Hartsook Gallery(NY), Dekalb Gallery(NY), among others.

Sean Petell

Sean Petell is a musician and performer. Last year he wrote and produced original music with Bijan Esnashaari for the short film Incarnation, featured in the Lady Filmmakers Festival (LA) and the Gallatin Arts Festival (NYC), and he played “Frankie” in the multimedia theatre piece Ghoul 3D World (NYC). Along with Britt Moseley, he co-hosts the improvised music and comedy podcast Poppa Squash. His ongoing improvisational work Sean lives online at facebook.com/seanfortheseanies and expresses a reconciliation between character and day-to-day experiences.

The Studio

Our studio is located in Brooklyn, NY. in the Bushwick neighborhood. Send us an email if you’re interested in being on the show.