Episode 124. Welcome to VaporChat, your go-to place for everything vapor related. Got some gas? Let’s whiff it! Some acetone? Smells good to me.

Join Doug, Trimmy, and Trent on this week’s episode where they talk vapor and host the VaporCore Awards, the annual competition of vapor music. Five bands compete for the title, and only one will come away with the Golden Anvil. The lineup this year includes: Monkeysnuff, Anvil Smanvil, Carbuilding, Dog Dog Dog and the Dog, and crowd favorite Betty and Her Dog.

Who will win the Golden Anvil?
How do you transport a bunch of chemicals?
What’s that cruise line vapor like?

All these questions and more will be answered on today’s episode of Poppa Squash.


This episode features Cup Cupperstein on vocals with musical contributions by:

Grass (Brooklyn, NY)
Sicky Vicky (Athens, GA)
Anderson (Portland, OR)
Susan Lucia (Denver, CO)
Cup Cupperstein (Winston-Salem, NC)